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4 ideas in how to position your product on the market

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In business positioning is very important and an essential part of the branding process. Positioning means to create a product which has special and unique characteristics. It has to be different from what your concurrence offers. The aim is to offer exactly what your customer wishes according to one`s ideal.

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How to apply Pareto`s principle in product branding

Photo by: Scott Thomson

Pareto`principle says that 80% of the effects are caused by 20% of our actions or expressed in another way 80/20. This is not a law, because the quotient can be varied according to our actions. Especially, if we focus on the essential things when we act, a better effect can be caused by fewer actions.  This principle can be applied on many domains like the branding of your product.

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Firstly, change in your mind the course of things. This helps you to take better decisions.

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It is said that 80-90% of the things we fear do not happen in reality. Because when we think negatively, we tend to think more and more pessimistically. The human mind creates the worst scenarios.

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My list with 48 things that motivate me

Photo by: Wacky Toyo Boy Borj

When you are full of everything and you feel that nothing is working for you you want to try something different. You want to escape the mood you have fallen in and to try to motivate yourself. You want to try new things, to make something you like. Think about things that make you feel good and try to put them into practice from now on. They help you to escape where you feel that you are free from stress, monotony, bad thoughts and moods.

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