Something about the universe of everyone of us

Quelle Foto: JULIE

The universe of everyone of us is part of our personality. It depends on everyone how big or small we are able to develop or to shrink it.

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Something about dignity…

Photo by: Charlotte90T

What does dignity mean for us and do will still need it today? Besides many other personality traits you find it somewhere left behind perhaps a little bit forgotten the word of dignity.

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How many times have we asked ourselves what potential we have?

Photo by: Celestine Chua

We people are gifted with huge potential. But it depends on everyone of us how we know to value this.

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Rich, rich, rich…

Photo by: frankieleon

What importance has wealth for everyone of us? Does it help us to be rich in life in a positive or negative way? Are we emotionally satisfied? How would it be to feel like a rich man/woman? What does everyone of us understand by being rich? What perception would we have only by thinking that maybe the day of tomorrow would be without daily troubles and shortcomings?

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Photo by: Christopher Michel

What does the notion of “success” mean?

Everybody feels and understands it according to his/her interior perception capacity. I think the school level does not count that much but how the individual knows to feel happy about it. It is true that the higher the school education the more levels are for obtaining success and you as individual have more satisfaction on professional site.

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How you can use your motivation on purpose

Photo by:oklanica

Nothing is working without motivation – neither in your job nor in your free time. Motivation gives you the impulse for action. Motivation is also individual that means what is motivation for someone is not necessary motivation for another, because it is not important to him/her. Motives can also change in time.

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