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I Will Offer Coaching On How To Manage Your Emotions

I offer coaching on how to manage your emotions.


You can pass the following steps:

·      To get to know your habits and to split the good ones from the bad ones.

·      To know your emotions and to know how you can control them.

·      To know how to motivate yourself

·      To know how to handle stress moments


If you are interested and prefer to talk to me before, please send me a message.


17 ideas which help you to have a qualitative sleep

Photo by:Trevor Russell

We humans have only limited body resources: when we wake up we are usually full of energy, but over the day we discover that from a specific moment our batteries are empty. We fight with ourselves to fulfill the tasks we have put on our to-do lists but we hardly manage to bring them to the end. We feel tired and need some sleep.

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Long and frequent breaks are the key to great successes: 11 ideas in this sense

Photo by: stratman² (2 many pix and busy)

We live in a crazy world. Everyone is trying to fulfill as many task as possible until one finishes the day. Many of us even solve this problem by doing more tasks simultaneously to be able to “save” some time. The world we live in, gives us the idea that we can obtain all the things we want at a clap.

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