Here are 5 signs, which evidence your relationship with your cat

signs relationship cat

1. Your cat cuddles its head against you

By cuddling with you, your cat liberates through the glands under the cheeks pheromones. It prints its smells in order to strengthen the relationship with you.

2. It wants to be cuddled on its belly

Even if your cat bites you when you cuddle its belly, it shows you a sign that it has no reason to fear you and it appreciates you.

3. It shows its back and has its tail left up

This behavior is a proof of trust: it knows you sufficiently to permit you an approach to it.

4. It licks your face for a long time

This is a sign of affection! Specialists tell that this behavior of animals shows a sign of a privileged relationship. This is also the proof that if the cat does not isolate as a “package” and it is capable to build friendly relationships.

5. It greets you in the evening when you come back

When you enter the room it turns to you with an upward lifted and curled tail. It wants to tell you that it is happy to find you again. This friendly attitude is equivalent to a greeting. In the world of cats only those who appreciate each other greet this way.

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