Please, iPhone do not leave me!

Photo by:Vincent Albanese

The dependence of young people for their mobile phone is well-known in nowadays. There are people who do not separate form their phones even for a minute, and they become nervous when the charge of their phone goes empty.

Should this be their dependence on their mobile phone?

Because this is a very current topic, Hungarian Scholars from Viktoria Honok`s team proposed themselves for this reason to start a study. They sustain that is not the case for having concerns, because the relationship between human and phone is attachment based – all people, who have a mobile phone have also a relationship with it.

Konok underlines that “who has an anxious attachment style in daily life, that means who has a fear of being  abandoned, this one also fears to be separated from one`s mobile phone (to loose it, to go broken, not to find it).

For making a more precise parallel of the attachment style human-human and human-mobile phone, in their study there has been interviewed 142 persons with ages between 19 and 25 years.

Conclusion: A greater importance for people did not play the mobile phone itself, but the possibility to stay in contact with other people via social media and text messages.

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