10 criteria which can define you as winner

Photo by: Peter Trimming

We all wish to be the winner. And therefore we fight to obtain what we have proposed to ourselves.

Success is the result of our actions. This result is influenced by the way we think, our chance in that moment, the way we can concentrate on the respective things, and last but not least by the way we choose to live every moment of our life.

Because a winner is always a step before the others, one has also some specific traits, which define one.

One can call oneself a winner, when…

  1. … one can make time for oneself, even if one has a busy life.
  2. … one can concentrate on one`s goal and confronts the difficulties, which come on the way until one obtains it.
  3. … one sees the obstacles on the way as opportunities to one`s success.
  4. … one assumes failures without blaming oneself and celebrates with serenity one`s successes.
  5. … one is surrounded by the best experts in the field of business.
  6. … one is surrounded always by friends, which one can ask for advice.
  7. … one helps others, who need one`s help.
  8. … one takes a step with everything that comes up new on the market, in the domain of courses to improve one`s lifestyle.
  9. … one plays in one`s life the main role.
  10. … one can sleep calmly at night and hope for a better day of tomorrow.

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