10 interesting psychological facts to understand your behavior in a better way

psychological facts
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In my psychology studies I learned a lot of things about human behavior. Why we humans behave in a certain manner, and in classes we also talked about the causes for behaving in a way. We got to know a lot of theories and studies in order to understand the way we function as human beings. In this article I proposed myself to list you some really interesting psychological facts I have learned about and which have typed in my mind very quickly, because they really kept my attention.

10 Interesting psychological facts to understand your behavior and the others in a better way:

  1. We people want to maintain a positive image of ourselves: we want to see ourselves as good, competent and reasonable persons. But in the past you have made mistakes. In the present you do not accept them, because you destroy your positive self-image with those. So you start to search for excuses why you behaved that way to not decline in your eyes. 
  2. We try to see the world as accurate as possible, but we do not have always motivation to collect all the information, for example when we buy something. Then we tend to evaluate the product based on superficial information that is written big on its package.
  3. We want to control everything around us, at least we want to maintain the illusion that we can do this.
  4. We humans make prophecies about how things will work out, and by behaving in a certain way, we also manage to make them come true. For example, when we meet someone and the person does not observe us we interpret that the person is a snob, therefore the next time we meet the person we do not greet either – the person sees our behavior and reacts to it, by ignoring us – so we have our confirmation that the person is like we have seen one – a snob.
  5. We people are brilliant thinkers but for many times we are blind to expectations wich are not fitting to ours.
  6. Independently from what culture we come we can read emotional moods from people`s faces and display them in the same matter. This has been proofed for the primary emotions: anger, happiness, surprise, anxiety, disgust and sadness.
  7. There are nonverbal gestures which meaning are culture specific e.g. the “ok”-ring-sign means only in the USA “ok”, in south Africa it sands for “without worth”, whereas in Japan it means “money”.
  8. To maintain our self-image we tend to explain our successes by internal factors like “I was so studious and that is why I achieved this result”. When we fail doing something we often blame the situation like “I had a really bad day”.
  9. When wee see a person for the very first time we tend to attribute a lot of personality traits depending on one`s exterior appearance : a beautiful person, has also a “good” character, is nice, helpful, a good friend…
  10. We believe in a fair world: only bad people face bad things, whereas good people succeed.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the psychological facts . If you want to find out more information I recommend you to have a look at the book “Social Psychology” by Aronson and colleagues.  If you have found my post interesting. I would appreciate to share it with your friends on Social Media.

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