10 tricks to stop complicating your life

tricks stop complicating

1. I learn to be egoistic

I organize my free time and stop to blame me that I am not there for the others. To be egoistic means to spend time on your pleasures… and your needs. If I do not take time I risk an explosion of consequences, which are harmful. Thus, sometimes my needs are prior to the other dear people.

2. I organize my day for more serenity

At home group the objects, you are using depending on a certain typology. For example: if you travel regularly the idea is to group your objects depending on your movements: underwear, objects for personal use… This kind of organization helps you not to waste time on every journey.

3. I try to be myself

I try not to search to fit with what is expected from me. We are the ones who build all those things in our imagination. This means we live guided by fear to be judged by the others like a marionette, which executes what is expected from it. The most secure mode to suffer is to try to collect all expectations from you in a single one: a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better employee… Stop this suffocating pressure, which is completely unuseful and replace it with creativity.

4. I make a list of my priorities

The scope? I organize my time to obtain time for things I like. By installing a system of priorities you can visualize what has to be done and order, and liberate your mind from thoughts. You make by this way an order of priorities. By escaping the thoughts we bundle physical elan to get to the action.

5. I do not want to control everything anymore

I am not the only one who can make the household/office working and to solve problems. Learn to trust others, this reduces the ballast, reduces pressure. Give yourself a break, have a rest, but also give proof of a little humiliation.

6. I do not make promises I cannot hold

It is unuseful to impose ourselves engagements, we simply cannot hold. Nothing can oblige you to accept all invitations, even if they are familiar, friendship-based or professional and to implicate yourself in all projects even if they are tenting from your side. Your time is limited: the idea is that you have to filter them and to keep your promises to be able to honor them without pressure or guilt. Then you can say “no” with diplomacy and do only what is necessary.

7. I liberate myself from the need to be perfect

To want to do all things and to hear only praises is too much. The perfection pushes us to do everything well and to continue to go on by trying to do all things perfectly. By accepting imperfection and going on we try to find our balance on a line. Then we have to choose between the possibility to have success and to obtain success and to be proud of us without pressure.

8. I put myself in the place of automatization

We have to liberate our mental space from the past and to leave space for automatization. For example, you can decide to put the machine wheels into movement on Tuesday to be able to effectuate on Friday your machine course, and Wednesday evening to sort your letters of the week for the whole Sunday morning. A routine for an unlimited time.

9. Use smart applications

“TEEPS” helps you not to spend your energy on shopping anymore. There are experts, who make this for you for free! This is valuable for fashion, whine and toys.

“REMEMBER THE MILK” – in the app I note my appointments and make a list. Finally, it sends calls. And I do not have anything to do!

10. I do not let myself influenced

Act for you in order to satisfy also other people, this is a search, which is lost right from the beginning. Assume your decisions: they are the fruit of your needs and wishes. You are privileged, to be honest with yourself and to base on your experiences you have lived in the past based on guilt or fear. Those decisions inspire ourselves to go on.


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