11 methods for taking decisions for solving a problem

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There are many problems we are confronted with daily. But what do we do if we stumble upon a problem, we cannot solve that easily? You think about solving it and test it.

The real issue is that we do not look at the problem as we should. You have first to identify it and then search for a solution. It would be useful to detach from everything that is surrounding you to be able to make a good decision before starting to solve it. When you know what your problem is about then the solution should be easy. But if not, the problem remains unresolved. You should find many strategies which might help you to get out of the problem. To come up with some help, at the bottom you find a chart, which might be useful for you:

Put the problem correctly Do not start with a NO, but with an affirmation.  This helps you by giving a motivation on setting it to your objective.
See the problem as a challenge Transforme the problem into something which ethusiasm you.
Generalize Every problem is a part of a entire body. Do not loose yourself in details – they are not part of the general process.
Detailize The problem can be divided into smaller parts. Then they will help you to find the solution quicker.
Look at the problem from another point of view Look at the  problem from others` perspective.
Look at the problem objectively Leave the problem as it is, simple, clear and nude.
Put the problem upside down Try first to aggravate the problem and then to resolve it.
Reformulate The word play is important to understand the issues. Invert the words or find synonyms, which conclude the same thing.
Learn from mistakes Write down the possible solutions for your problem on a sheet and just try them out.
Learn from models Compare similar situations of others` on the internet  or experiences you lived in the past.
Logical Conclusion Help yourself by a decisional tree. This gives you more backup solutions if something does not work.

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