13 Methods that will make you more intelligent

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According to Wikipedia “Intelligence has been defined in many ways: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.”

Did you know that there are multiple kinds of intelligence? The Harvard researcher Howard Gardner defined 9 types of intelligence:

  1. Visual-Spatial Intelligence
  2. Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence
  3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
  4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
  5. Musical Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence
  9. Existential Intelligence

So you may ask yourself: Can intelligence be improved? There are certain aspects of intelligence that can be improved include processing speed, problem-solving strategies, and memory improvement.

And there are of course methods you can implement into your daily routine to train your intelligence like a muscle. In this article I want you to show some of them so you may find an inspiration to try at least one of them out.

1. Travel

Try to break out of your usual habits and your daily routine to stimulate the brain to think in new ways. Therefore traveling is an excellent method to detach from your monotonous life. Your brain has to adapt and therefore become creative in figuring out which route to take, how to make yourself understood in a foreign land and language and consequently to get accustomed to new habits and a new way of life. If you cannot make a trip to another country, visit new places in your country, walk on the streets you do not frequent, order another food from the menu at the restaurant or do things you do not do usually. 

2. Learn

The best investment you can do is the investment in your own education. Unfortunately, many of us forget to continue to educate themselves after finishing school. Make a list of things you are interested in to learn and start learning a new skill! The possibilities are endless – you can use books, online courses or attend workshops in your town. 

3. Read

Reading is excellent to train your linguistic intelligence. After reading a chapter of a book your brain wants to make a transfer of what you have just encountered literally and real life. This stretches your brain to think from different angles and to make a virtual journey. 

4. Strategy Change

Once you face difficulties to solve problems at work, it is time to detach, de-stress, relax and to find new perspectives in how you can handle them. Make a mindmap and try to find as many approaches as you can. There is always more than one way that leads to Rome. 

5. Brain Training

There are sites like Luminosity or Cognifit, that give you the possibility to train your intelligence with an interactive game. It takes only 15 minutes of your daily routine – but it is a great habit to implement in your life. Think about it as you would frequent the gym. But in this case, you train your brain muscle. 

6. No Technology

Try to do things in old school style – try to solve problems without technology, calculator or other tools that make our lives easier. Your brain will be put to work and you will see the results. 

7. Creativity

Artistic creativity helps us in becoming more flexible in how to solve problems and find new strategies at work. Maybe a painting/drawing/sculpting or even musical corporate workshop is a great idea if a project sucks and you do not know how to handle it? 

8. Write

Writing is similar to Reading, but with an additive value: when you write you will save this information in your memory. Handwriting makes this effect even stronger. 

9. Role-Play

Role-Playing helps you to change your perspective – from your needs to the ones of another person. This will help you to find a problem solution that is targeted on the desires of the other. 

10. Interact with People

Either you summarize your knowledge on your field of expertise and teach it to other people or participate in a discussion with peers, it helps to exchange ideas and to bring some fresh air into your ideas and boosts innovation. 

11. Practice sports

Practicing sports makes you not only attractive in your physical appearance but stimulates also cell growth – so the stress levels are low, the concentration sharps and the energy is at top. 

12. Mediation

Meditation helps also in boosting your intelligence by calming down your entire body functions and rising your self-awareness. A perfect foundation to start all over again with full power and a lucid mind. 

13. Food

Adapt your food plan in order to boost the working capacity of your brain: instead of unhealthy junk food, opt for vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. 


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