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20 micro-experiments to try

20 micro-experiments to try

Usually we are so stuck in our daily routine that we forget to take a break and do something that we enjoy. When was actually the last time, you rewarded yourself with a small pleasure?

The following list should give you some inspiration on micro-experiments to practice in order to break out of your daily program. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Walk very quickly barefoot on the burning sand.
  2. Putting on a wet and cool t-shirt after sunbathing on the beach.
  3. Read while dipping your legs up to your knees in the water of a stream, a mountain stream or the sea.
  4. The urban variant of the sea: the relaxing footbath. In a basin, fill with water then add sea salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  5. Go for a walk at dawn with just a thermos of tea or coffee.
  6. Organize an evening reading aloud and by candlelight.
  7. Turn off your phone for twenty-four or forty-eight hours.
  8. Say to yourself out loud: here and now, I am in paradise.
  9. Swim naked, early at dawn or at night.
  10. Go out naked at night, and walk in the garden or on the beach.
  11. Fall asleep under the stars.
  12. Take a nap under a tree or under a mosquito net impregnated with lavender essential oil, a fig tree or ocean scent.
  13. Make a real good child’s snack on the grass or on the sand (why not by re-reading a book).
  14. Playing the old-fashioned way: croquet, blind maillard, chat perch…
  15. Write long letters by hand and send self-made postcards.
  16. With family or friends, make rebuses with objects, like the artist Romain Denis.
  17. Make something that lasts (jam, soap, liquor, object, clothing…).
  18. Exfoliate with green tea in the shower (mix 1 tbsp of sweet almond oil, a handful of green tea leaves, i.e. powdered sugar).
  19. Identify and name the constellations.
  20. Give colors to smells, smells to colors, sounds to textures, and vice versa.

Do not hesitate to continue the enumeration of the small and great pleasures!

I am really curious to learn about your creative ideas, so I invite you to leave a comment and share them.

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