How we conform ourselves to shopping


Photo by: sekihan

Every time I go to make some shopping with my dear mom I observe something very strange. I always thought that it must be a coincidence but it happens every time to us. When we enter a shop my mom`s attention gets captured by different products, so she takes a closer look at those.

10 interesting psychological facts to understand your behavior in a better way

psychological facts

Photo by:Soliya

In my psychology studies I learned a lot of things about human behavior. Why we humans behave in a certain manner, and in classes we also talked about the causes for behaving in a way. We got to know a lot of theories and studies in order to understand the way we function as human beings. In this article I proposed myself to list you some really interesting psychological facts I have learned about and which have typed in my mind very quickly, because they really kept my attention.

Try to do things you feel you are good at and the other things do not count anymore


Photo by: Marie Leslie

Everyone has his own strengths. When you feel that you are good at doing things, you feel that you are good. It does not count what is happening around you. You focus on what you have to do and you do not care if the product you have created is good or bad.