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This article is for you, if you consider to publish a guest-post (an article) on  I have listed here the conditions for posting a guest post.

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I need your help: What do you like to obtain and how can help you?

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I have started writing on about a year ago. I future I would like to write more specifically about problems you face and solutions that can be found.

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10 free online tools you can use to improve customers´ experience

online tools customers` experience
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In older articles I have described some strategies you can use to improve your customers´experience at shopping. Because the better you know how to get under the skin of your target customers, the more content they will be with the products you offer to them and the longer they will be loyal to your business. And content customers are the best advertisement for your business, because they will also tell others about it and will spread your message to other people. And for you this means a growing customer base.

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Interview with Web Content Expert Rick Sloboda


Writing is thinking made visible. And words are powerful — they can make or break relationships and societies at large. As German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”

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