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Even if they are on paper or screen, photos can be shared immediately in the family, between friends or with a great number of people on Social Media. Today photography can take numerous forms. But with a common point, the pleasure to show your images to close people or to followers. The producers of photo cameras have understood this well, who propose a very large variety of tools, easy to use and with multiple functionalities (printing, connection…) easily to share.

Would you choose a Vocal Assistant for you?

vocal assistant



In 2011 Apple has presented with iPhone 4s a new functionality – a Baptiste vocal assistant called Siri:  a practical app to dictate an SMS, to ask one`s iPhone how a number, composed or to search for a restaurant also in the surrounding. Three years later Amazon has launched in the USA the connected diffuser with the vocal assistant Alexa. A product which have arrived in France only in 2018, so it had enough time to learn the language of Moliere. In meanwhile Google has equipped the Work Smartphone with Google Assistant and has launched a variety of intelligent tips called Google Home (see picture). Some months later Apple has proposed HomePod the house speaker with Siri. With these products simply equipped with micros, which are destined to listen to our commands, the vocal assistant is also installed at home.