Synaptic Symphony: The Silent Dance of Interconnected Minds

Introduction: Behind the thick curtains of the skull, an unseen and inaudible orchestra unfolds its synaptic symphony, where my brain secretly dances with other minds in a harmony of thoughts and ideas that transcend the individual barriers of consciousness. This article delves into the fascinating realms of subtle dialogues between these small thinking centers, revealing how our minds silently interact […]

Live without perfection

The time waster, the dilettante, the calm one, the lukewarm one: Nils Spitzer outlines counter concepts to perfectionists in his book Overcoming Perfectionism.And recommends exercises to learn from them. Exercise with wasting time: Stroll and dawdle Intentionally disregard a specified duration, for example of distances, and procrastinate and slow your pace. Pretend to look around sluggishly, bend down and untie […]

Learning to love yourself through photography

What if a device invented in the 1820s, now digital and multifunctional, helped us to reconcile ourselves with our self-image? Explanations from a clinical psychologist and a photographer. The problem: we don’t see ourselves as we are How are you feeling physically? Many of us respond to this question in a laconic tone: “Too big”; “Not big enough”; “Meh”; “It […]

Are you a “people pleaser”?

Satisfy wants and needs of everyone, close or less close, all the time, without thinking orcount. This is what the Anglo-Saxons call people pleasers, men and women who always put themselves after others. Practical deconditioning work. The 15 warning signs A brief tour of beliefs and behaviors compiled by the American psychotherapist Sharon Martin. The typical people pleaser… 4 keys […]