Micro-Trauma or Emotional Wear and Tear in Everyday Life

Micro-trauma or emotional wear and tear from everyday life refers to the stress and constant pressures we experience in our daily interactions and the environment we live in. These can result from a variety of factors such as difficult interpersonal relationships, stressful work environments, social pressure, or other personal challenges. Here are some examples of situations that can contribute to […]

Psychology of spaces: home and world in one

A cup of coffee, a piece of cake, countless impressions and encounters. About a place of inspiration and serenity – the psychology of the café. Ideally, you immediately feel at home when you enter a café: dim lighting, the smell of coffee, quiet music, clattering dishes, small tables and comfortable seating, people chatting or reading the newspaper, working or looking […]

Toxic workplace culture: Psychological impact and coping strategies

Toxic workplace culture can have a significant psychological impact on employees, negatively affecting their performance, mental well-being, and even physical health. It can be caused by various factors such as abusive behavior from colleagues or superiors, lack of communication or support, discrimination, overwork, or excessive pressure on employees. The psychological impact of a toxic workplace culture can include chronic stress, […]

How Personality Types Influence Our Conduct Throughout Life

Personality is a complex aspect of each individual, influencing not only how we perceive and act in the world around us but also how others view us and interact with us. There are various theories that attempt to classify and understand personality types, each exerting a distinct influence on how we live and conduct our lives. Personality Types and Their […]

Smile more often

In a study in which they were observed, test participants who described themselves as happy also behaved happily: they smiled more often, were more playful, and appeared more amiable. They expressed criticism less often, spoke less about guilt, and seemed less irritated or anxious. This means: If people say that they are happy, this can obviously be observed in their […]

The Role of Optimism in Health: Benefits and Moderate Risks

Introduction: Optimism, defined as a positive outlook on life and the future, has been associated with numerous benefits for mental and physical health. However, excessive optimism can also have negative consequences. In this article, we will explore how moderate optimism can bring health benefits, as well as how an excess of optimism can be harmful. Benefits of Moderate Optimism: Risks […]