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29 life lessons learned until the age of 29

29 life lessons learned until the age of 29

I have started to work on my personality development four years ago and I did it firsthand to get to know me better and to understand people around me. It was an interesting journey and many lessons – which I learned also from my personal mentor, whom I want to say thank you on this way –  were really hurtful because I had to learn to accept how things really worked and not how I imagined it to be

29 life lessons learned until the age of 29

  1. The first wealth is health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)!
  2. It does not matter you know, it does not matter you read if you do not apply in your life!
  3. The healing power comes from within you! Listen to the needs of your body!
  4. Self-knowledge is the first step to progress!
  5. When you work, planning, organizing, and taking action are the most important!
  6. It is necessary to live in harmony and peace with myself!
  7. Be honest with yourself in all life situations!
  8. Self-criticism decreases personal energy!
  9. All dreams come true if you have the courage to put them into practice!
  10. Always be present in your life!
  11. It’s up to you to change your perceptions, diet, and actions!
  12. If you don’t get up, there’s no one to get you up!
  13. Celebrate how far you have come!
  14. Who does not respect me, does not deserve me!
  15. Learn to develop good habits in order to be successful!
  16. For all you want to achieve in life you need patience.
  17. Always search for something in your life to be grateful for!
  18. Never give up, even if you feel that you are totally broken.
  19. There is power in silence, learn to use it wisely!
  20. Practice sports daily, even if you just walk.
  21. What you were in the past does not determine who you will be in the future!
  22. Never stop learning
  23. All challenges you are facing are temporary.
  24. Overthinking how to solve a problem can immobilize you.
  25. Acceptance is the first step to freedom.
  26. Read a lot.
  27. Ask for what you want, and you will gain this. 
  28. You need a loving relationship with yourself!
  29. To be happy, be more generous!

Which life lessons have you learned so far? And how? Share your experiences here with us in a comment!

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