3 steps to find out, if your ad title is good enough to sell

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The ad title is essential, because it should make people curious to click on it in order to discover your content. So the ad title is the key factor for selling.

But how do you know, if you have written a good title?

Often when you are away and an idea is coming into your mind you write it on a piece of paper or your smartphone to remember later on what you have been thinking of.

The same principle follows a good title. It contains a condensed form of the most important information, which should make the reader curios to find out more details about the topic. The title formulates in a concise form, informs the reader and addresses to the needs of your readers. Keep your readers attention by giving step by step the information he finds interesting – the first step is of course the title, which is a short summary of your idea! People should understand right from the title, what product you offer, which needs it resolves and which pleasure it fulfills.

Therefore you should check the quality of your ad title following the next 3 steps:

  1. Do people, who see your ad for the very first time and do not focus their attention on it, understand what your product is and what you offer to them?
  2. After reading the title twice, ask yourself: Does the title ignite curiosity? Does the reader want to find out more about it?
  3. Check in your mind: Does the title fit to another product? If yes, change the title.



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