3 Tips to Save money on Amazon Web Services: Guest Post written by Joaquin

tips save money amazon web services

This article is a guest post written by Joaquin.

Most of us love AWS – it’s a very simple and efficient way to use cloud computing services at a very affordable cost. However, AWS expenses quickly add up, especially if we’re not careful. Here are three simple tips to save money on AWS.

Tip #1 Tag Everything

If you split apart your expenses, you’ll be able to know exactly how you’re spending your money. Tagging allows you to spot the services that are costing you the most money, and then it becomes much easier to deal with those services. If you don’t know exactly how you’re spending your money, it becomes very difficult to start saving.

Tip #2 Set Billing Alerts

Alerts are a must. Having billing alerts can serve as an early warning for your business. If you are hosting a video on Amazon S3, someone might share it without your knowledge and you might be spending hundreds of dollars without knowing until it’s too late. Set alerts that are triggered regularly.

Tip #3 Use Regions Wisely

Some regions are naturally cheaper than others. If most of your customers are located close to a region that is less expensive than another one, consider switching. You can also try using cheaper regions for saving up resources that don’t need a lower latency. For example, if you have a backup server in AWS which doesn’t require quick download speeds, you might consider using a distant region with a lower price.

These three tips alone can save you a lot of money. Amazon also often provides coupon codes which you can use to lower your expenses. LunarCodes.com is a fantastic source to find them.

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