30 days challenge: Wake up early in the morning

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As far as I know myself I enjoyed sleeping out long in the morning. In my childhood, I expected vacation time eagerly to be able to sleep until 11 a.m. or even until noon.  The years have gone and when I wake up nowadays it is up to 8-8.30 a.m. I step out of bed. Still, I am not content with that score (even if it is a change from 11 a.m. to 8 a.m.), because I want to use more time of the day for doing activities productively. So I set myself a 30 days challenge to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier in the morning and to add to this time progressively in the next period of time. This is one of the challenges I proposed to myself for the close future. 

I picked up some strategies from the internet and want to put them immediately into practice. 

30 days challenge: Wake up early in the morning

1. Wake up every morning one minute earlier

In order to avoid big changes your body cannot adapt to and stick to them, it is recommended to reduce the sleeping time each night with one minute. So if I usually wake up at 8 a.m., tomorrow I will try to step out of bed at 7.59 a.m. and on Tuesday it will be 7.58 a.m. and so on. I think this strategy is really doable and I am curious to see how it will work for me. 

2. Use the Snowball method

Once you succeed to wake up even some minutes earlier, motivate yourself by offering you a small incentive. This is called the snowball method – once you have small successes, it will be easier for you to have also bigger ones. 

3. Find an inner motivator to wake up earlier in the morning

Brainstorm and make yourself a list with important things you can schedule in the first hours of the day to motivate you to step out of bed. Your inner clock will wake you up naturally much earlier once you have interiorized this inner motivator. 

4. Prepare your sleeping room for waking up

Have a look at your sleeping room and see how you can organize it to facilitate your wake up. Do not put your clock too close to your bed avoid closing it and continue your sleep. Prepare your clothes to jump right into them once you are out of bed. 

5. Exclude gadgets from your sleeping room

To avoid a restless sleep it is recommended to ban all your gadgets – mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even TV from your sleeping areal because blue light makes you very active. 

6. Monitor your evolution

Write a success diary and document your evolution every evening before going to sleep. Be aware of which reasons are possible obstacles for waking up early in the morning. 


I am curious to see which of these strategies will help me to get out of bed earlier each morning. How do you succeed in doing so? Leave a comment below, maybe I find new inspiration…


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