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4 exercises to dare to act: Increase your expertise

4 exercises to dare to act: Increase your expertise

Improving a skill area boosts confidence.

Paradoxically, to increase one’s self-confidence, it is more profitable to strengthen one’s skills, in such and such a discipline, than to tackle one’s incompetence, real or supposed. The purpose of this exercise is therefore to seek expertise in the area or areas where we consider ourselves qualified and in which we experience pleasure (pride, cheerfulness, lightness of spirit) that the feeling of expertise produces confidence and reinforces it, sustainably. Concretely, if we have, for example, a green thumb, we can deepen our knowledge of gardening or botany. If we play an instrument, we will enrich our musical culture, etc. Thus, boosts the trust capital irrigates the other areas of our know-how and durably modifies our general behavior.

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