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4 exercises to dare to act: Interview relatives

4 exercises to dare to act: Interview relatives

The perspective of the other on our know-how can bring a feeling of security and a fresh eye on perhaps unsuspected talents.

Dialogue with a benevolent third party makes it possible to continue, by strengthening oneself in the work of changing the way one looks at his abilities. The idea is to choose a friend, a colleague, a member of his family, and to explain to him that we need his help to see things more clearly in ourselves.

“At what time, in what circumstances, in what field did you find me or do you find me competent?” Asking the question and writing down the answers, without commenting on them, not only allows you to see yourself from the outside, to develop a feeling of security (“I am not alone, I can get help when I need it”), but also to discover unique talents and skills that we did not know existed or that we consider “normal”.

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