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4 exercises to dare to act: list own actions

4 exercises to dare to act: list own actions

The purpose of this exercise is to qualify your weaknesses and no longer focus on them.

How can you take a more objective look at your skills? It is not a question of denying reality by covering the facts with “positive”, but of taking a step back in order to modify one’s basic cognitive schema (“I don’t feel capable of…”). To do this, let’s start by listing, on a sheet of paper, all the acts of the day during which we felt weak (couple, family, work), explaining in one sentence the cause of this feeling.

On another sheet, same exercise, but in a positive version: what are the acts in which we felt capable and why.

Last step: connect the two lists several times, so as to integrate the double vision of things. Practiced regularly, this exercise “deglobalizes” the feeling of incompetence, because it introduces nuance, exceptions, and highlights certain skills.

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