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4 exercises to dare to act: Set realistic goals

4 exercises to dare to act: Set realistic goals

Perfectionism is a trap in which we lock ourselves and it is more destructive than constructive.

Contrary to what we too often believe, perfectionism is not the prerogative of ambitious or confident personalities. It touches a large part of us and is expressed more frequently in the mode of reproach (“I am not doing well enough!”) than in that of encouragement (“I must do even better!”). To be a perfectionist is to set unattainable goals; the feeling of powerlessness or incompetence that we get from it contaminates all the other areas of our lives. To get out of this trap, it is necessary to sort between achievable objective (conducting a professional meeting), momentarily unattainable (talking to my teenager) or permanently inaccessible (buying back my company). By noting this distinction in writing, with or without the help of a loved one. The ideal is to justify each “objective” by specifying the means we have or which we could have and count them (winning the Loto to buy back my company…)

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