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4 tao experiences – part II

4 tao experiences – part II

Be an example

“Wisdom embraces the One, becoming a model, it does not show itself and suddenly shines”, Tao-tö-king, chapter 22

“Embracing the One” means ceasing to live in division and reuniting, in oneself and in consciousness, the natural oppositions: yin and yang, action and non-action, shadow and light… Once unified, in acceptance, but not in the complaisance of its duality, it no longer loses its way and no longer judges. Thus, the others, soothed by his peace, confident in his words (he does what he says) and comforted by his benevolence (he does not accuse others of weaknesses which he knows to be his own), not only do not, but seek his company and give the best of themselves. For the Tao, the sage is not the superhuman, but the human fully aware of his nature, his strengths and his weaknesses, who tries to make his two polarities cohabit in balance.

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