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4 techniques to savor the moment – part 2

4 techniques to savor the moment – part 2

Slow down your movements

Extreme slowness is ideal for releasing tension and clearing your mind for a few minutes.

Choose a daily activity that you do mechanically (taking a shower, putting away your clothes, gardening, etc.). Before you begin, take a slow, deep breath and slow down all your movements to the extreme. Concentrate on your posture, on your every move, on the object you are holding, on the physical contact with the object. Then focus your attention on your muscles and the way you breathe. You will become aware of a number of details that usually escape you, such as the feeling of water on your shoulders, the smell of laundry in the closet, the caress of the grass…
Benefit: by forcing you to concentrate, to focus your thoughts and your attention, your ritual will help you to empty yourself for a few moments, to release your inner tensions and to regain a certain assurance for the rest.

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