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4 techniques to savor the moment – part 3

4 techniques to savor the moment – part 3

Invent a ritual

This is a short break in time that you can easily arrange.

Rituals have always existed and, whether pagan or religious, collective or personal, they have been practiced so that we can connect with ourselves, with our inner strength. This is why they play an important role in our psychic balance. Sit down to meditate for ten minutes every morning, stop for a tea break at 4 p.m. every day, light a candle and do a minute of silence for the health of our loved ones, read a family story, go for a walk … It does not matter what type of ritual you choose, provided that it is not done in a hurry, as one takes a medicine that one almost forgot: it must be done in full awareness of the “here and now”.

Benefit: by forcing you to concentrate, to focus your thoughts and your attention, your ritual will help you clear your mind for a few moments, release your inner tensions and regain some confidence for the future. The ritual always marks a before and an after, and makes it possible to move from one activity to another in better dispositions.

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