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4 ways to new ideas

4 ways to new ideas


Write each idea with appropriate associations on a separate index card. Let your thoughts run free. Write down everything, absolutely everything that comes to your mind. Then you examine card after card and discard anything that seems nonsensical to you. Write down new associations for everything that you then hold in your hand. And then choose the best solution.



Slip into three roles: As a dreamer, you let your ideas run free. As a realist, you write down work steps, costs and benefits. As a critic, note down mistakes and weaknesses. Your path is then the healthy mix of the best ideas from the three paths. The creative minds at Walt Disney work with this method.


Analogy Technique

Do you have a problem that you can’t think of a solution to? Proceed as follows: Find a case that has something in common with your question. Maybe there is a friend who once had the same problem? What strategies helped in this other case? Apply these solutions to your situation. This automatically generates new ideas.


Reversal Method

This variant turns your problem on its head. The central question is: What do I have to do to guarantee that I will not achieve my goal? So if you want to plan a big family celebration, think about what you would definitely fail with. In the next step, you simply turn the collected ideas back into the positive opposite.


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