5 unexpected benefits of laugh

unexpected benefits laugh

It takes the stress and negative moods out and is positive for the entire body.

1. Laugh oxygens the organism

When someone laughs the air is expulsed with 120km/hour, which generates a deep cleaning of mucous membranes of the lungs. The respiratory capacity is then multiplied with three. This complete renewal with oxygen purifies our body by making each cell benefit: those of the lungs clearly, but also those of the blood and the tissues.

2. Laugh makes a better digestion

When we laugh it contracts and this stimulates our diaphragm. As well as all organs and digestive system are massed. This kind of little gymnastics for of the abdominal century and the digestive system makes digestion better and reduce also constipation problems.

3. Laugh helps for sleep

It is not only an excellent anti-stress, which helps the soul to liberate from numerous parasite thoughts, which we have every day but helps also to stimulate melatonin, a hormone built by the brain, which ameliorates sleep.

4. Laugh helps the muscles of some organs

Did you know that by laughing you work about 400 muscles? On the interior, it strengthens the cardiac muscle but permits also the care of the exterior: like our abdominal, which solicits more – after a good laugh we also feel that this has also worked! But also about other unexpected benefits: it slows down the apparition of wrinkles, which provokes the contraction and de-contraction of the face muscles.

5. Laugh strengthens our immunity

It recreates the endorphin production, the hormones which are capable to slow down pain and keep up our cardiovascular system helping the antibodies to build. It is indispensable from our natural pharmacy!

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