6 Advantages of Online Marketing

Advantages Online Marketing

More and more businesses use nowadays online marketing and reduce the budget they spend on traditional marketing on radio, tv ads and print media. And this makes total sense when you consider the 6 advantages online marketing gives you. For this reason, I want to give you an overview of those advantages in this article.

1. Online Marketing is convenient

You just need a device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) and an internet connection to profit from online marketing. Customers and Markets are easily accessible compared to past times when you had to spend much higher budgets to expose your business message through traditional marketing channels. Online Marketing is thus more affordable, time-saving and environment-friendly.

2. Online Marketing is measurable

Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing offers you the possibility to track the success of your marketing campaign – even for free: Google Analytics, Hootsuite or Crazy Egg. So you know what you can improve on your next campaign to grow traffic, leads, sales and conversions.

3. Online Marketing offers you the possibility to target demographically

This is great because you can specifically “talk” in your ads to your audience and to address them in a more personalized manner. Your sales percentage will grow in this way because you can shape your products to match their needs.

4. Online Marketing is global

Online has no borders: you can sell your products worldwide to your customers. Plus you are available 24/7 all over the year. People can make their shopping on your website when they are in the mood to and you can provide them the best customer service right from your website.

5. Online Marketing can work fully automated

One-click and your campaign work fully autonomous. Check automation tools like Customer.io, AdRoll or Oracle Eloqua. So you will have sufficient time to spend on thing that matter for your business.

6. Online Marketing sustains you in building customers relationships

With online marketing, you can easily collect email addresses of your customers and prospects and form a strong relationship with them via email marketing or social media. You can keep them on track by sending them valuable information about the product they have bought, coupons, special discounts or new product launches.


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