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6 Lessons of inner Peace – Lesson 4

6 Lessons of inner Peace – Lesson 4

Open it up to others

Faced with disarray, sadness Sylvie Cady, psychosomatician, advises going out, mingling with others to take a step back from oneself.

One lead: get out of your home.

“Serenity is not an exercise in solitude, but a real social practice”, comments Berangere Casini, professor of philosophy. When we feel sad or upset, we prefer to ruminate alone in our corner and decline the invitations. However, “developing listening, taking care of the other, trying to understand it, that makes it easier, retorts Sylvie Cady, psychosomatician. It is a way of taking a step back: you no longer think of yourself, but of the other. If the difficulties remain, they no longer sound so dramatic. ” Sometimes going out on the street, going to the cafe, mingling with the crowd can be enough to distract yourself from yourself and your worries.

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