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6 Lessons of inner Peace – Lesson 6

6 Lessons of inner Peace – Lesson 6

To detach from the “having”

No longer allowing yourself to be influenced by the consumer society, but deciding what you need or want, offers a soothing freedom.

A lead: “Do I need or want it?”

“We are all capable of resisting the incentives of our environment, believes Beatrice Milletre, psychotherapist. It is enough to ask yourself:” Do I need this object, or do I want it? “It is less about banishing one desires at any cost to put them into perspective. A way of becoming aware of one’s sometimes compulsive behaviors. ” For David Le Breton, serenity cannot be done without a reasoned distancing from the objects of consumer society. It is not a question of taking refuge in the depths of a cave, but simply of consuming less, in accordance with one’s own values ​​and not those dictated by society. Summer and the holidays are a great opportunity to try out this principle of simplicity.

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