7 facts about the way we think

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Our way of thinking influences our lives in a major way. This was also the topic of the book As you think by James Allen. I recently read this book – and because I found it so simple and essential written with a practical facette, I want to share with you the principal lessons learned there.

1. Thinking and Character

We people are what we are thinking. If we are having bad thoughts, we also feel bad, and on the contrary, if we have positive, motivating thoughts, we start to improve our mood and to feel better. Our thoughts also form our character – that means if we think “correctly” this forms a good character, on the opposite if we think wrong, we are our own enemies and destroy ourselves.

2. The Effect of Thinking on the Environment

Our character mirrors in the circumstances of the environment, so getting known one person is only possible in different situations. The environment helps us to develop our personality further on – it gives us the possibility to discover our own powers and new opportunities.

3. The Effect of Thinking on our Health

Our human body is submissive to our thoughts. Bad thoughts cause diseases, positive thoughts help us to become healthy and beautiful. It is necessary to build healthy thinking habits.

4. Thoughts and Goals

Linking thoughts to objective and goals, that is important to you help you in your evolution. Only through a mental training and self-control, you are able to cumulate and focus all your thoughts and power in that direction.

5.  Thought, Factor for Realisation

Everyone is responsible for one`s inner balance and by one` s continuous exercise we people develop our inner strength. Only by defeating one`s weakness and putting pessimistic thoughts behind, we become powerful and free.

6. Visions and Ideals

If we have high ideals, we tend towards them and will realize them in the future.  To wish means to realize. You can overcome your condition by your thoughts, vision and high ideals.

7. Serenity

Serenity takes place when you find a response to all the questions in your mind.  The cultivation of self-control can help you in this direction.

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