7 new methods for boosting your brain


A headset for meditation, a bandeau for sleeping better, ruffling sounds to make the cortex hover. The 7 innovative tools from below have been tested by an expert and validated.

The bandeau DREEM for improving the sleep

Using small front sensors the bandeau realizes an EEG (electroencephalogram) for the one, who sleeps. So the booster could improve brain regeneration may also episodic memory, that of the consolidation of memories.

The MEDITATION MUSE helmet to regulate his emotions

The helmet knows how to identify and chase the parasitic thoughts to focus on the moment. The helmet diffuses a voice, which invites to meditation and at the same time, it detects the particular waves of drifting thoughts.

ASMR sounds to euphorise the mind 

This sensory sounds and the perfect illusion of their real presence would provoke a liberation of dopamine in the brain, the hormone of pleasure, in the same way in which that one can be traversed by a thrill listening to a Mozart concert.



A tablet to stimulating the attention 

It aims to treat the attention deficit in children (ADHD), the tablet Mensia Koala can be utilized also by the older ones. Connected with an EEG tool (encephalogram tracker) it proposes games of “neurological reeducation”), which forces you to concentrate and to fix for a sufficiently long time the attention to recover the piece of a puzzle, to fish … and to obtain rewards. 

The app games for a better memory

The most known “serious games” are: CogniFit, Elevate Brain Training & Brain Games, NeuroNation and Peak Entrainement Cerebral. About these games has been told that they train the brain as a muscle. Or that the brain is not a muscle. We can speak about brain fitness because it helps you to memory numbers and to become a genius.

The MELOMIND helmet to relax deeply

This helmet detects the alpha-waves of the brain. Those are emitted when one is really relaxed. It synchronizes equally the sounds we listen to with our own waves, we can expect also a really intensive relax level.  The helmet stimulates the vagus nerve and activates the parasympathetic system, which calms down the stress and restores the vital functions.

A video game to improve the senior’s memory  

Neuroracer consists of driving a car and at the same time in responding to some questions, which appear on the screen. A study published in the science paper Nature has demonstrated that the seniors, who have exercised this game, have improved their skills to be multitasking. 



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