7 reasons to take a break from Social Media

break social media


A few days ago, I discovered again, how much we depend on Social MediaFacebook and Instagram failed to load the pictures people posted there, and the platforms looked quite wired, people started to blame themselves for not uploading pictures correctly, or for their weak internet connections. Finally, there came information that there is a problem with both platforms. It felt quite strange to leave Facebook and Instagram aside and find something else to do. Maybe this is the right sign, to make us aware that we need to take a break and detach us from Social Media. Moreover, because this is holiday time and we need to re-learn to enjoy what surrounds us at a certain moment and to spend nice time with dear people instead of checking curiously what is new in our accounts.

So, I will give you: 7 reasons to take a break from Social Media

  1. You will be able to set limits: You stop being on alert-modus all the time and take care of your health. Take care of yourself instead of what others might be doing – by doing sport exercises, mindfulness-practices or hobbies.
  2. You will learn to save your time with a Social Media Tracker like “Screen Time”: Once you limit the time you loose on scrolling through the new post, you will recognize in which ways you can use that time with essential things that really matter for you.
  3. It helps you to strengthen your interior: Once you set yourself a Social Media Detox, you will confront yourself with your offline life and you are able to work on the relationships with dear people, spend time with them and do nice activities.
  4. You will be able to discover your own person much better: You will see, which kind of things make you happy and you will be able to live real experiences, which will make you much happier that comparing yourself with other people on Social Media.
  5. You will have more time to sleep: Do you wake up in the night and have a little look at your social media accounts? In order to avoid this practice, put your devices in another room.
  6. You will learn to use Social Media with much more consideration: After your break, you will have only fixed times of the day you will check your accounts and post only essential things with moderation.
  7. You will make yourself a resume of this experience: So you will see what matters the most for you, what you should be grateful for and will know how to live online but also offline.

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