7 Ways Video Walls Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts (Guest Post)

Video Walls Marketing

This is a Guest Post written by Mia Clarke.

Video walls are becoming very popular. Many businesses prefer them to grab eyeballs. With the increasing popularity of video walls, they are present these days in most of the high traffic places. There are many businesses these days who have not yet explored the benefits of video walls. If you’re one of them, it is time to look at the benefits of video walls.

Video walls can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level. They can increase the ROI and the conversions which you get. We will today highlight seven ways in which video walls can improve your marketing campaign.

1. HD advertising

The main advantage of video walls is that it offers HD advertising. It consists of high definition panels. Due to this very reason, you can quickly increase the quality of your advertising campaign. When that happens, you can get more attention. The visual appeal of your advertising rises significantly. It is one of the main reasons why video walls can increase the appeal of your marketing campaign.

2. Can display advertising in every setting

When you look at the traditional projector-based advertising displays, they are not easy to use in bright sunlight. They are not anti-glare. When you look at the modern video walls, they consist of backlit LED or LCDs. The advantage of these displays is that they are anti-glare and can work in any weather. When creating a marketing campaign for video walls, you can target the consumer irrespective of the setting or the weather.

3. Easy to change the content

Another advantage of video walls is that changing the ads is easy. You can remotely do so. You don’t need to worry about physically being present at the location. It means that you can control multiple video walls from a single remote location. It is one of the main reasons why video walls are so useful when it comes to advertising.

4. Scalability

You can increase the size of the video wall as per the marketing campaign. As a result, large advertisements get appropriately displayed. When that is the case, as an advertiser you can create ads which increase the scale of your business. Hence, it becomes easy for you to create mesmerizing advertisements which get a proper response from the consumers.

5. Versatility

If you want to mix your marketing elements to create a marketing campaign, that is possible with the help of video walls. You can control these walls through a computer as long as they are compatible with it. There is no need to spend any extra money on getting the advertising material. The digital files are more than enough to run your advertising campaign on the video walls. The versatility ensures that you don’t need to convert data into any other format or in any other medium to run your advertising campaign. It will help you reduce your advertising cost and increasing your ROI from your marketing campaigns.

6. Cost-effective

The ideal place to install video walls is at the areas which have high footfall. The advantage of video walls is that the advertising campaign does not move in a matter of a few seconds. You can run it as long as you want. The captivating display along with the colors ensures that you get the attention of the audience. When that is the case, the amount of money which you invest in marketing campaigns on video walls gives you good returns. When you compare it with the fact that email marketing and PPC gives you just a few seconds to make the consumer click, you will realize that video walls have a significant advantage and they help you engage the prospective customer for a long time. Hence; they are much more cost-effective.t 

With the help of digital control and the ability to advertise on multiple video walls, the cost of advertising comes down even more. That is why they are pretty cost-effective.

7. Portable

The location of the video wall can be easily changed to suit the advertiser. In most of the cases, if you’re on the video wall or have a long-term contract, you can quickly change the location and the venue of the video wall. The feature which we are speaking about now is hardly ever offered in any other marketing campaign. Moreover, you can easily request to the video wall to add a display so that you can display your advertising campaign in its entirety. The portability and versatility of the wall can make your marketing campaign much more effective.

So, instead of just focusing on email marketing and PPC, video walls are the perfect option to gain new customers. Video walls offer some of the unique advantages. They also provide you customization power which is absent in any other medium. It is one of the main reasons why you should never ignore video walls when running a marketing campaign. They will allow you to interact with the customer for a long time without having to pay a significantly high amount of money.

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