8 Mistakes you are making during a conversation

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What is the conversation? According to an online Oxford definition, it is “a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.”

This sounds pretty easy but when we are having a conversation either with an unknown person or with a friend or family member, we tend to make a couple of mistakes, which we are not always aware of.

Therefore I want to share with you in this article the most common mistakes you are making during a conversation.

1. Speak on your own

Even if you are very enthusiastic about what you are speaking try to slow you down after a reasonable time. Unless you are not a speaker at a public speaking event. Remember that the other person wants to talk, too.

2. Inadequate eye contact

Have you ever talked to someone who was staring all the time at you? Or have you met someone who avoided to look into your eyes while talking? Nevermind, both situations can be very bothering, so it is good to find a balanced solution.

3. Getting too personal

Starting a conversion with someone can be pretty difficult. But what to talk about at all? Avoid getting too personal too early or with a wrong person. Otherwise, your interlocutor will be confronted with an uncomfortable situation.

4. No multitasking

While you are starting a conversation with someone trying to focus only on that conversation and do not let you distracted by gadgets or other stuff. The other person will feel respected and more engaged in the discussion. 

5. Do not fall in people words

It can be pretty frustrating for a person, who is talking to be interrupted and not letting he or her speaking out. If you have this bad habit, try to change löit.

6. Do not pretend what you do not know

Maybe you also know people who pretend to know the whole world. It does not matter what you want to transmit to them, they already know it. This is no help in making a good conversation. 

7. No fancy vocabulary

Speak in short and simple phrases. Your message is transported clearly and it is easier to understand.

8. No closed body posture

Avoid crossing your arms while another person tries to speak to you. This is a blocking attitude and inhibits the conversation workflow. 


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