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Social Media is nowadays an important source to market your products on. It offers a great possibility to present your business and to engage with clients. Nevertheless, you may have recognized that managing social media channels costs you a lot of time and energy. It is difficult to be active on many social media platforms simultaneously and to be able to focus on the development of your products.  Therefore I recommend having fixed times (twice a day) in which you check your social media platforms and answer to questions and to use tools, which can help you to automate predefined posts on certain times of the day. I will present you in this article 8 tools that make your life easier on Social Media:


Buffer helps you to create and post social media posts in a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it offers you some really interesting tools for pre-editing before you send a post live.


Zapier is a great automation tool, which works well in combination with Buffer. You can combine two unrelated apps to create automation cycles.


Edgar is a great tool for reposting old posts. It automates republishing of old content according to the schedule of choice. This is very useful in reposting old Blog posts.


What Edgar did in the case of blog posts, Tailwind tool does in the case of visual social media channels like Instagram or Pinterest.


MailChimp is famous for automation of Email Marketing. This works great in combination with Social Media.


Sniply adds a call to action to every link you share online.


With Bitly you are able to shrink the links of your posts and to measure how many times people click on them. This helps you to discover what they prefer to read.


SharedCount is a tool which helps you to check your Social Media Stats, how many shares and likes you obtained.


What tools do you use to save time on Social Media? If you think the already discussed strategies are useful, do not hesitate to share them with your friends on Facebook! Success!





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