9 Advantages of Procrastination

advantages procrastination
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Every one of us has different work styles. Some people prefer to plan their work detailedly over long time periods, others do not make plans at all and prefer to work intuitively when they want to. Another group of people knows that they have to work but do everything else but that work and delay to do it until the deadline is coming. Those people are called procrastinators.

What is procrastination?

There are two kinds of procrastination – passive and active. Passive means to delay tasks without a reason and harming yourself in this way. So it is seen as a working disorder because you cannot organize yourself to submit the work as you should. Active procrastination means to delay tasks strategically so that you use the pressure of a deadline to work more motivated, more efficient and with a higher intensity. In this case, the working result is a good one.

Which are the advantages of active procrastination?
  1. By Delaying tasks strategically people are content and perform better.
  2. Active procrastination means delaying after a plan – so you get your work done.
  3. You do important things in a different order. You take your time to learn new skills before you start working on the task to deliver.
  4. You win time – put on the top of your priority list tasks that sound more important that they actually are. You can switch those with other bottom listed tasks, which are really important. This is a great trick.
  5. The deadline is seen as challenging for working productively and efficiently and delivering good results. You enter a flow-state.
  6. You become more creative: active procrastination means less time structuring and following a daily routine. Planning become flexible – you have a plan, but if something unexpected happens you switch to the other task, which seems more important at that moment.
  7. You become more spontaneous and learn to handle stress far better.
  8. You take more time for decisions – so you take more time for reflection.
  9. You are able to minimize time and can handle more interests and tasks at the same time.

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