About corporate identity

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity is the personality of a company.  Communication is the process, who makes the image of the company.

The company`s aim is that the consumers have a consistent image about its products and its activities. Consumers should know the personality of the company, its offers and how to differentiate its products from other concurrent ones.

This is usually obtained by creating current products, who stand out, so that they are remarked immediately, by evoking emotions and interest. People are then usually motivated to pay.

There are many ways, or better said, communication channels companies can make us of, to promote their products. The corporate identity is communicated by the five most important channels (Ads, Public Relations, Direct Ads, Event-Marketing & Sponsoring and Product Placement) are listed in the infographic above, where you also find examples for each channel.

If you want to find out more about this topic, have a look at:

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