About essentialism…

    Photo by:Ron Mader

    What does the essential mean to me?

    The way I step on to reach my essentialism is to filter from the options I have the ones which are the most important to me.

    Essentialism is to stop from my flux and to ask myself if I invest into the activities that are necessary to me.

    To follow to do everything that is essential to me: to be disciplined and to clean up the things which do not matter to me.

    The way of essentialism is the way I choose to when I make my own elections to have control. It is the way, on which I am looking forward to the journey, not only for destination in itself.

    Essentialism is to me the wisest investment of time and energy so that I am able to perform to my highest level at the end of the actions.

    Essentialism consists the establishment of time-management strategies:

    • I like to do less but to be as good as possible.
    • To know how to say more often “no”.


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