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About happiness…

About happiness…

…..we are happy about a colorful circle of friends

Because we’re different, life is interesting, isn’t it?

Apparently many people think so, because according to a survey by Statista, every second person has friends who come from another country.

65 percent stated that they had people with different political views in their circle of friends.

So, let’s celebrate ourselves and the colorful life with our friends, who are sometimes so wonderfully different!


…..let’s take a nap

……A nap that lasts no longer than 10 to 30 minutes, is healthy.

To do this, we simply lay on the couch in a relaxed position.

If it is difficult to fall asleep, meditation or music can help.

Once the body has adjusted to these small breaks, nodding away is easier.

And we find that afterwards we have more energy!


…..are we happy

This is very easy to do by activating our happy hormones.

You can relax mentally and physically, relieve pain and increase concentration.

How it works:Dopamine, the drive hormone that motivates us, is released when we complete tasks and celebrate accomplishments.

Oxytoxin, the cuddle hormone, is released when we compliment others or spend time with loved ones.

Endorphin is our energy hormone and puts us in a kind of natural positive smoking state.

The body releases it when we eat dark chocolate, laugh out loud, or indulge in essential oils.