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About how to write well

About how to write well


Writing is not one of my strengths. The first time I have discovered this, I was in primary school when in 3rd grade we had to write an essay for the first time. I discovered that free, creative writing is nothing for me and tried to find my way through structured, informative writing. The years passed and after finishing my studies I started to work on my own and founded this blog, and I have to admit that it was quite a challenge to build the habit of writing consistently over time. 

Because I aim to develop my writing skills I discovered an interesting book named “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. Maybe there are also some of you who want to evolve in this direction, so I decided to write this article with the main ideas of the book. 

Anyone can learn to write

  • Writing takes time and effort and learning from mistakes
  • Write about things that passion you
  • Write regularly, schedule writing in your timetable
  • Observe your writing and work on its component, form, and style
  • Take part in online courses and workshops to improve your writing skills

Quality writing is easy to understand

  • Formulate a single intention clearly and simple with a good structure. The writing should flow. 
  • Use short and simple paragraphs, sentences, and words. After finishing your writing, put the pen beside and read the whole text aloud, cut words and expressions that disturb the flow. 
  • Be concise!
  • Give your writing a personal touch: the reader should feel addressed by the written text and you can do this by telling stories, using quotes and bringing your message over in an energetic way. 

Make yourself a good system

  • What is the one idea you want to leave in the readers` mind? 
  • Research all the material you find about a topic, look what surprises you, write only about essential things from this material. 
  • Use a story to explain a complex topic. Organize your writing to display a clear thinking process. 
  • Write your first draft – after that rewrite and edit. Read aloud. Edit. Rewrite. Read aloud. Edit…


What do you think of this system of writing? Are you going to try it out? I guess I will give it a try… 



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