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The way you dress says a story about yourself. People usually pay attention to the way you dress and how comfortable you feel in your clothes, even at the office.

For example, men, who want to appear powerful and successful should wear suits, which fit them perfectly. On the other hand, women with short skirts and a wide dekolleté are perceived with a lower status compared to those wearing conservative clothes. Because the conservative way of dressing has been always associated with power.

Also the shoes we wear tell a lot about us. Marilyn Monroe used to say „give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world“. They mirror their age, social status, income or the degree of social stability. Classical and clean shoes belong to very responsible people, whereas stylish and expensive shoes suggested social status and stability. Colorful shoes with an unusual design show an extrovert owner and the fashionable ones with accessories, punk, fur … demonstrated anxiety, exaggerated preoccupation for others opinions and the desire to be remarked. 

What kind of clothes do you wear at the office? What kind of shoes? 

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