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Photo by:Ashley Van Haeften

Everyone of us has one`s favorite shops where he / she finds exactly what is needed. When I want to buy for example new shoes for the spring/summer season I know where to search for them and I usually have 2-3 shops in my mind, where I know that I will find what I need.

This is based on past experiences from where I know that I like: the price, style and comfort of the shoes they offer.

Usually, I go there and I start to search for some pairs that fall on my shortlist and then I start to test them out and decide for one pair. If I do not find what I want I try the offers of other shops. If I like the model but in the shop it is sold out I simply go to the online shop and order my size for the model.

But I do not prefer to give a search on the internet and order just a pair of shoes, because I like how they look like or their price. Even if the online shops give me the possibility to send them back, if I do not like them I do not prefer this modality of buying when it comes to shoes, because I would be too disappointed if I waited for them a time of (2-3 days or longer) and they do not fit to my size. Moreover I had to invest time and energy for sending them back and I would still be in the same situation (without shoes). For me it is important to try shoes out, walk in them and see if they fit or not.

As this example shows it is very important to consider in your business, which main channel (shop vs. online) you use to distribute your products. Help yourself by four questions about the way you present your products.

  1. Where is it essential to sell your products?
  2. Which distribution channel(s) is/are suitable for your product type?
  3. You want to sell them in a shop? Virtually? Both?
  4. What image do you want to transmit when the customers buy your product?

The better you know how to present your products and the clearer you are about the way you distribute them, the better the customers` shopping experience is. Only so they are predisposed to spend more.

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