Why stress is not only negative…

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The term of stress is often associated with health problems beyond them heart diseases or burnout.

But how can be stress defined? The following video will give you more information about the definition of stress:

Surely, stress can be provoked by different factors (like poison, radiation, mechanical forces, hustle, and bustle), which influence our lives – also called stressors. But as stress literature points out, those stressors can also have a positive effect on our lives. Stressors do not provoke per se stress – the measure counts. Too many stressors will, of course, provoke stress, but also avoiding stress is unhealthy.

In our lives, we need to be challenged by stressors. In this way, our body cells produce defense molecules and protect themselves from the next exposure to stressors. Being therefore exposed to stressors in a moderate way helps us to build adaptation reactions.

If you want to find out more about stress and how to manage it, see here.

How do you manage stress especially in work situations? What are your strategies? Maybe you can share some of them in the comment field below. I am looking forward to reading them!

If you like to read more about stress, here are two books I recommend:

Friebe, R. (2016). Hormesis. Das Prinzip der Widerstandskraft. Wie Stress und     Gift uns Stärker machen. München: Hanser.

Willmann, U. (2016). Stress. Ein Lebensmittel. München: Plattloch.

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