About trust in people

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We need each other. We function through connections. But want makes us come close to each other in most cases is the connection of trust, which is elaborated in the course of life.

We trust into people around us? Can we leave beside the instinct of trying this trust out? Our intuition with more or less intellectual preparation helps us for selecting in life. We learn to select the people around us and those we come in touch with. The life experience brings us into the situation to build some principles. They function differently from individual to individual. Based on this principles we start the selection. A careful and detailed selection when it comes to our trust.

Depending from individual to individual how one`s able to position the selection idea. For ones giving their trust from the very beginning to some persons is a tabu. So they use their selection methods strictly, if they are successful by the way, this means that those people are winning. For others all people at the beginning are in a bucket. On the course compared to the competition they are offered chances, which they know or not to value. The more the competitors are not able to adapt to the selection conditions the more the trust given at the beginning is diminished. And so lowering step by step until you reach somewhere at the very bottom where there is no space for any selection.

For both cases of selection the lost of trust is very hurtful, it is the criterion which teaches you that if “you have burnt once you blow also into your yoghurt”. The lost of trust does not let space for anything, the disappointment leaves on no one`s list space for “I am sorry”. The bad thing is already committed.

To win the trust into somebody,which had been lost, is very difficult, mainly irreversible. But also with many difficulties the re-winned trust there is somewhere in your soul a little disappointment, which cannot be erased once. The superficial relation remains a formal one and without basis. It is a relation that functions simple and is written somewhere in an agenda or is evidenced somewhere in some dates with: name, first name, address and a telephone number. And that is it…

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