Ambition makes blind

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To be ambitious has a positive but also a negative side. There is a saying which fits the unhealthy ambition and not to the normal one: “ambitious people have no scruples for obtaining their aims and walk even over dead bodies.”

The “result” of the term ambition has been proved by a study conducted by two psychologists named Timothy Judge and John Kammeyer-Mueller. They selected as participants 40 people, who were in the middle of their professional life. As a positive side of ambition, it has been proofed that people are more conscious and sociable. They feel more connected to their objectives and follow them more consequently. Ambitious people are successful people in the professional as well as in their family life. It is said that it is not sufficient to be intelligent, if you do not manage to mix this with an ambition, it does not take you to the goal.  If next to intelligence and ambition there is also a good education from the family, then people have a higher education.  This brings them a higher professional position and a higher income. They are generally happy with their lives and live on the average more compared to other people, who do not have these qualities.  An important influence in the development of ambition has also parents. Persons with successful parents are on their own especially ambitious.

The reason could be: parents are a role model for their children. They motivate them to be also successful or they could also have inherited ambition genetically from those.

The conclusion of the study was that ambition is often defined wrongfully as being negative, but it has on the other part of the balance many positive parts, which were demonstrated within the study above.

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