…and how to overcome your luck blindness easily

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    Photo by: Ferran Jordà

    STEP 1: Ask yourself the following questions and write your answers on a list!

    • What makes you lucky?
    • In which situations do you feel lucky?
    • Which people give you a feeling of well-being when you spend your time with?
    • Which activities make you joyful and load yourself with energy?
    • Which events make you happy?
    • When do you feel joy, hope, humor or curiosity?

    STEP 2: Formulate your own definition of luck!

    • Summarize your ideas from Step 1 and formulate your own luck definition
    • Make the definition as concrete as possible and think about the objective you have to achieve to be lucky

    STEP 3: Put your proposal into practice!

    • Make a brainstorm in how you can make your life a little more pleasant from tomorrow on!

    STEP 4: Tips 

    • Cultivate your creative altruism – help others with activities which make you also happy!
    • Train your emotional intelligence that means your “inner control”

    Every one of us is responsible for one`s own luck, that means – We have to put in an effort to obtain a result. Like the following quote also says:

    Happiness is a journey, not a destination (Ben Sweetland)

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