Appreciate your person and see also how you are perceived by the others

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You have a name. You have an identity. You are a person therefore you have a personality. You exist, you breath, you live therefore you function. You work on your own. You are yourself.

You identify yourself with what you are living. You understand yourself. You forgive yourself. You can go on. You love what you are doing. You understand what you are thinking. You appreciate your person and what you actually are. You agree with your decisions.

This is how is has to happen with everyone of us.

I want to evolve and when there is also a will this has to be appreciated. You appreciate when you evolve. You wish to realize the objectives you propose to yourself. To motivate yourself. You are a beautiful person on the exterior as well as spiritually. For this reason do not forget to appreciate yourself.

Give value to yourself and never be too rude with yourself. Believe in yourself. Search and find your qualities. Help yourself sometimes by the opinions of loved people. Try to be devoted and correct with your person. Make always the same affirmation: “Respect yourself”, which you think that is characteristic for you as a human being. Repeat it every day. At the beginning you will not believe in it, but in time this will enter into you ritual and your unconscious. It will be a part of your time. Because you are the only one who spends the most time with yourself.

Help yourself by the people around you to get to know their opinion about one of your qualities, which they think is representative for you as a human being. This helps you to see how you are seen by the people from the outside.


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